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WatchGuard Safeguards Health Information & Supports Compliance

Security for Healthcare Networks

WatchGuard delivers a wide range of solutions designed to help healthcare organizations address compliance and security, and create a culture of security throughout their day-to-day clinical and business activities. You can rest easier knowing that your Electronic Health Records (EHR) are safe while your organization is compliant with strict government data privacy and security regulations, such as HIPAA.

WatchGuard Helps You:

  • Build and maintain a secure network
  • Protect health information
  • Maintain a network vulnerability management program
  • Implement strong access controls
  • Define, enforce, and audit healthcare policies

Network Diagram for Healthcare Security Solution

Ponemon Institute Findings on Healthcare Organizations & Data Security

96% incurred at least one data breach in the last two years
29% said a data breach resulted in medical identity theft
On average, healthcare organizations suffered 4 data breach incidents
during the past two years
$2.2 million: average economic impact of a single data breach in 2011
41% of breaches caused by employee mistakes

How have healthcare organizations been impacted by a data breach?
81% report suffering time and productivity loss
78% cite damage to brand or reputation
75% cite loss of patient goodwill


Source: Ponemon Institute (Sponsored by ID Experts). Second Annual Benchmark Study on Patient Privacy & Data Security. December 2011

Comprehensive Network Protection

Best-in-Class Security

Our approach to best-in-class security accepts that no single security vendor can develop the optimal solution for each unique and evolving challenge. Our products are engineered to seamlessly incorporate best-in-class solutions from the leading vendors.


By seamlessly integrating vital security features onto a single device, WatchGuard is able to deliver layered security and simplified centralized management at an industry-leading value.

Defense-in-depth begins with limiting access to network resources to authorized individuals only. With WatchGuard, you can easily control and audit which personnel can access which resources.

Securing Remote Connectivity

The delivery of healthcare increasingly relies on secure mobile connectivity. WatchGuard provides a range of solutions (VPN, Wi-Fi, etc.) to encrypt and protect communications for sprawling medical centers, branch offices, mobile clinics, home offices, and remote workers.

Taking HIPAA and Other Regulations Head-On

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) makes protecting patient data not just an ethical, but also a legal obligation. While the standards may be vague, the mandate to protect patient data and the threat of penalties are clear. WatchGuard provides solutions that help healthcare organizations comply with HIPAA and other regulations.

"The company [WatchGuard] is strong, the products able, and the pricing can't be beat." WatchGuard received the highest Info-Tech Value Score™ of the comparator vendor group.

Source: Info-Tech Research Group. Vendor Landscape: Unified Threat Management. August 2011

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