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Mobile Security

Adding WatchGuard’s Mobile Security service to your Firebox network enables your organization to address growing BYOD (bring your own device) trends. By enforcing controls on mobile devices that attempt to connect over Wi-Fi or VPN, the service delivers an additional layer of network defense by only allowing access to a Firebox-protected network from mobile devices that adhere to your current corporate policies.

Simple to Deploy

Users download the free FireClient app to their iOS or Android device. Mobile Security will then enforce predefined policies when connection attempts are made.

Granular Policies

Customize your BYOD policy by requiring the mobile OS level and setting policies by device type.

Just Say No

Prevent access from rooted or jailbroken devices, and block access from devices that download applications from unauthorized sources.

Malware Scan

Mobile Security also includes malware scans for your Android devices when the FireClient app is installed.

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