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WatchGuard RapidDeploy

The First Next-Gen Firewall to Install & Configure Itself!

RapidDeploy takes the delay out of the firewall deployment process. It's secure. It's fast. It automates basic configuration tasks and it makes remote or branch office deployment virtually hands-free.

This innovative, cloud-based configuration capability allows WatchGuard firewalls and UTM solutions to securely configure themselves. No IT or network security expertise is needed on-site. Rather than manually provisioning the device in advance, IT staff can create and store configuration data in the cloud - public or private - and have the appliance directly shipped to its destination. Once it arrives and is connected to the Internet, it effectively deploys itself by automatically "phoning home" to the cloud for a secure download of its config settings. The potential time and cost savings to growing businesses is enormous, particularly for large distributed enterprises and managed service providers.

Click here to watch an Introduction to WatchGuard RapidDeploy

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