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WatchGuard spamBlocker

Real-time spam and virus detection for immediate protection

spamBlocker provides real-time spam detection for protection from outbreaks. It's the best solution in the industry at distinguishing legitimate communication from spam in real time, blocking nearly 100% of unwanted emails. This easy-to-deploy subscription for the XTM platform incorporates industry-leading Recurrent Pattern Detection (RPD™) technology to detect spam outbreaks as they emerge for immediate and continuous protection.

Strong protectionStrong protection
Patented RPD™ technology in the Cloud provides spamBlocker with the only effective anti-spam solution for low footprint UTM appliances. Up to 4 billion messages per day reviewed.

Additional anti-virus defenseAdditional anti-virus defense
Gain an additional layer of real-time anti-virus protection as RPD technology identifies and blocks emails carrying viral payloads.

Far-reaching coverageFar-reaching coverage
Block spam regardless of the language, format, or content of the message – even image-based spam that other anti-spam products often miss.

Flexible administrator controlFlexible administrator control
Works on both SMTP and POP3. Administrators can decide how messages will be processed and can block, allow, and tag mail for easy identification and forwarding to dedicated Exchange folders.

Spam quarantineSpam quarantine
Users can create a safe, full-featured quarantine for spam, bulk mail, and suspect email messages. Granular control allows for custom configuration.

Optimized for better network performanceOptimized for better network performance
Requires minimal bandwidth and CPU power because most of the processing is done outside the Internet gateway.

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