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WatchGuard XTM/Firebox Demo

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Note: Demo is compatible with the following browsers:
- Internet Explorer v.11
- Latest version of Firefox
- Latest version of Chrome

Highlights to Watch for

Check out the description of five highlights of our GUI: the dashboard, the bandwidth meter, firewall policies, Reputation Enabled Defense and Multi-WAN. But don't stop your tour there. Take a few minutes to explore other areas of the interface. Firebox/XTM gives you unparalleled flexibility in configuring your security and networking policies to match the way you want to conduct business.

A neat, well-organized view of key information about your system. The Dashboard gives you at-a-glance information about the health and configuration of your WatchGuard device.

See how your organization is using its network resources, in real time. Bandwidth Meter shows the amount of traffic flowing across interfaces of the system, allowing you to see usage patterns and evaluate your usage of network resources.

This is where the system embodies your company's policies. The easy to read table shows the policies governing traffic to and from your business. From here it is easy to add, remove, and re-order the policies to tailor them to specific business needs.

Reputation Enabled Defense is the security subscription from WatchGuard that increases performance when it is turned on. Your business gains the security benefit of a worldwide network of reputation-reporting appliances, keeping your web traffic secure while cutting down on processing overhead on your appliance.

Firebox/XTM appliances offers great flexibility in how you use your Internet connections. When you have more than one WAN connection, you can configure them to carry your network's traffic simultaneously, allocating traffic to each WAN connection according to its type and capacity, or you can configure them for failover only, so that a second WAN connection can take over in the event of an outage in the primary.

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